Friday, August 11, 2017

A Discussion on Conservatives and Cities

I was pleased to have been able to be part of an event in Washington sponsored by the American Conservative magazine and the R Street think tank about conservatives and cities. The event was on C-SPAN, and while it isn’t embeddable here that I can see, you can click over to watch online.

The first panel basically made the case for a new urbanist approach to city development and an embrace of traditional urbanism. It featured Jason Segedy who is planning director of the city of Akron, Gracy Olmstead of the Federalist and R Street’s Jonathan Coppage, formerly editor of the American Conservative’s new urbanism project.

My panel starts about 1:02:00 and has more fireworks. Ross Douthat of the New York Times led off with a discussion of his column on breaking up the liberal city, and Benjamin Schwarz of TAC and I contributed our perspectives on the future of the city.

Again, click over to watch.

from Aaron M. Renn

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